75H Series Honing Equipment

75H Series

High efficiency servo reciprocation for energy savings

Manufactured to NEMA/CE specifications

Supply cables in enclosed track.

Century Offers Outstanding Features

75H Features

The spindle carriage is reciprocated along the way on recirculating roller bearings which provide smooth, friction-free motion under any load. To obtain maximum positive control of the stroke, this assembly is reciprocated by a heavy-duty servo motor.

Controlled expansion of the abrasives in the tool include a rapid initial-expand feature. The abrasives are expanded at an accelerated rate until they contact the bore surface; at that point, stone expansion is immediately slowed to a pre-determined feed.

Work-holding fixtures are adjustable up to 20" and wiring is encased in a power track (see above).

75H Centerpiece

To facilitate work handling and provide the operator with an unobstructed view. The center line of the spindle is 42 inches above floor. Clockwise and Counterclockwise rotation and tool feed pressure are all controllable on panel view, by operators request some features are also redundantly controlled by pushbuttons and joy sticks. For setup diameter and Crosshatch angle are entered into panel view machine adjusts R.P.M and stroke speed automatically and can be raised or lowed while machine is operating Spindle load and expansion pressure are displayed on panel view. Optional tool lift is vertically adjustable.

Rayon-media coolant filter features automatic advance of filter material.

75H Horizontal Honing

Involute spline drive for ease of assembly, increased torque capability and the elimination of loose or lost keys at hone tool interface.

The head lift is hydraulically adjustable.

Heat-treated alloy steel tooling with shock resistant tool steel holders are precision made.

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