86V Series Honing Equipment

86V Full

The spindle carriage is reciprocated along the ways on recirculating roller bearings which provide smooth, friction free motion under any load. To obtain maximum positive control of the stroke, this assembly is reciprocated by a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder attached directly to the head.

Controlled expansion of the abrasives in the tool includes a rapid initial-expand feature. The abrasives are expanded at an accelerated rate until they contact the bore surface; at that point, stone expansion in immediately slowed to a pre-determined feed.

Solenoid-controlled directional valves meet ISO standards (picture below).

15Hp Motor Hydraulic Pump

15 HP motor and hydraulic pump are positioned for easy service.

86V Coolant Filter

The 86V has stroke lengths of 24, 48 or 72 inches. Speeds are infinitely variable: spindle 30 to 220 RPM; stroke 40 to 100 FPM; other speed ranges are available.

Rayon-media coolant filter features automatic advance of filter material.

LED read-out provided for: spindle RPM, stroking speed, stroke setting.

LCD read-out for time. DNC program stroke setting.

86V Controls

Heat treated alloy steel tooling with shock resistant tool steel holders are precision made.

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