Abrasives & Abrasive Cloth

Abrasive Stones

Silicon Carbide (S/C), Aluminum Oxide (A/O), Vitrified Bonds, Resin Bond, CBN, and Diamond Metal Bond.

Abrasives are formulated to cut mild steel, hardened steel, chrome, iron monel, stainless, aluminum, inconal, and hastalloy. Compounds are great for honing rough & out of round bores. Broad line of abrasives mounted and unmounted designed to remove material quickly and efficiently. A wide variety of shapes, sizes, and grits to fulfill every customers needs and applications.

Wooden harmonic silencers mounted in steel shells used to reduce the noise from the honing process are also available.

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Abrasives 4

Abrasive Cloth

Aluminum Oxide Resin Cloth Closed Coat Cloth Roll. Long lasting cloth for removing barrel scratching and to obtain fine surface finishes. 50yd. rolls available in many sizes and grits ranging from 36 to 400 grit, and widths from 3in. to 36in.

Abrasive Cloth 2
Abrasive Cloth 3
Abrasive Cloth 43