92H-15 Horizontal Honing Equipment

92H-15 Horizontal Honing Machine
92H-15 Head Stock
92H-Small Hone

Model 92H-15

Century Offers Outstanding Features
Self-contained, horizontal honing machine capable of strokes from 8 to 15 foot and bore diameters to 13.5 inches.

Spindle Carriage

The Spindle Carriage is reciprocated along the way on recirculating roller bearings which provide smooth, friction-free motion under any load. To obtain maximum positive control of the stroke, this assembly is reciprocated by a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder attached directly to the head.

Fixtures for 92H Hone

Work holding fixtures are adjustable up to 13-1/2". Full contact clamping for minimal distortion of a thin walled work piece.

Fixtures on 92H Vertical Honing

To facilitate work handling and provide the operator with an unobstructed view, the centerpiece of the spindle is 46" above the floor.

Controls for 92H

LED read-out provided for spindle RPM and stroke speed. DNC program stroke setting. LCD read-out for time.

Coolant for 92H-15

Rayon-media coolant filter. The Century is a self-contained, horizontal honing machine.

Solenoid Valves for 9H-15

Solenoid-controlled directional valves meet ISO standards. Valves and 15 HP hydraulic pump motor are positioned for easy service.

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